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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Full Moon Dreaming Part 2

Let me make mention of the images I pulled last night.
Some surprised me.
Others, not so much.

This is pretty much just blatant stream of consciousness art creation. There was no formal sitting down and planning things out session. There was a vague meandering of ideas that got tossed out of the window as my brain disconnected and let my subconscious take over. I jsut let it. From start to finish.

I do not use a great deal of words in my collages, not words I cut out. I add words alot in my own hand, poetry, non-sense, lots of stuff.
I pulled five statements last night in my search for imagery. I used all five of them this morning.

I have a weird association with numbers, and with numerology, because of my dyscalculia. But, five is a Power number. I know that.

I cut out several different kinds of flowers. Only three images were not used in the main collage. I was so upset the one main image around which I had plan to work my dream board this month was not used--so after I finished the dream board I set out to work up smaller collages to incorporate the left-over images. All but a very fine few were used.

There were alot of animals used this time. Elephants demanded to be put in. And that cute little panda bear. Wonder what that means...although I think I have a link as to its origins. Am going to have to meditate upon that one awhile before I really catch on, I am sure. Horses. Dogs, of course.

I did purposely go searching for a particular set of images--which I know I should have in abundance--could not find any of them--and thusly came to the realization that there is a reason I wasn't finding them--I don't need them.

We started with the plain white poster board. You know this is never good enough for me. E was asleep, but N was up. I knew he would be up for helping. So I gave him a brush. My original intent was to use the light blue and paint the whole thing and then augment it a bit with the darker blue. What happened was I let N decide what colours to use-although I stopped him when he requested orange--only because with 2 blues, a purple and a green adding orange meant-brown or black-it meant bleck. So no orange. I let him do his thing. I figured him adding his energy to this project was a very good thing. How could it not be? When he was done with his stuff, I painted over most everything with the light blue, covered in all the bare spots and whatnot.

Let that dry.

Then I mixed up my wheat paste--which I decided today I would not use on another dream board for some reason. Usually I get decent results because I can work it in and out with brushes and whatnot and work all the wrinkles out. This month I found myself intentionally creating the wrinkles. Adding the texture. Adding movement almost. Stepping back and away now, I understand that I am not asking for everything to be smooth and perfect. I expect bumps and wrinkles along the way. But they are nothing that cannot be worked through . I am not afraid of the bumps and wrinkles life may throw my way.

I then began to assemble, glue and move everything into place.

I am surprised by the layers. Some places have four, sometimes five layers of picture in the same place, overlapping. You can still catch glimpses of everything, but you cannot see everything.
I am still surprised by the music--but I sense all too clearly that music is going to be very important to our family one day. I mean, more so than it is now. Then again, I don't see how it cannot be, given who I am dating at the moment. :-)

Everything in its place and a place for everything. I all came together. Even though I was disappointed that several of what I had thought would be main images were simply not used. I do try not to quarrel with myself at times like these though. :-)