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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jamie Has Another Question Today.....

I check out Jamie's blog as often as I can, even if I don't comment every single time there, but you can rest assured that on Wednesdays and Thursdays I am there--Wishcasting Wednesday of course, but on Thursdays I try to make sure I didn't miss anyone's wishes the day before.

I see alot of Jamie's questions on other days and I don't always answer them publicly--although, truth be told, alot goes on in my head that doesn't make it into print, either blogged or written or anything. It's not that I don't appreciate her questions--because I really do. It's mostly up until lately, I was fighting myself, trying to 'catch up' with everything I kept telling myself I "had" to do in a day. Which meant there was a great deal I wanted to get done that I didn't--that I would guilt-trip myself over not getting to or getting done.

I am trying to rectify that-my feelings of guilt. :-)

But, today, for some reason, Jamie's question piqued my interest.

Now, the question is this (or rather questions :-) ):

What would it be like if you could still be yourself while being a professional? Do you think it's possible? What images are conjured by the word "professional"? Anything you want to be?

Instead of a boring definition full of "shoulds," what would it be like to create an authentic professional code that represented who you are and what you want to bring to your work? What would it be like to have an authentic professional code that would serve both as inspiration and also as a guidance system en route to your dreams?

If you were to create your own unique set of professional standards, what would they be? What can you get behind?

Ok, so that's alot of questions-and alot to think about. Let's see what I can do here, because apparently, based upon the way this post triggered me, there is something in here I need to deal with/worth with/look at/ponder/examine for my own self. :-)

Let's start at the top, shall we?
I guess we have to define "professional" here.
What is 'professional'?
Well, do I have to be a doctor, or an administrative assistant, or a receptionist, or an attorney to be a professional? I don't think so.
My father is a CCRN--and he wears scrubs all day. He is definitely a professional. My mother is a CNA --and she wears scrubs too--and she is also definitely a professional. My sister is a manager--first at a Tim Horton's where she wore the apron and black pants (I think they were black) and now at Dollar Tree and I don't know if she has to wear anything special there--she is definitely a professional. The people who work at walmart--even when you know they would rather be anywhere else but there-they have the apron thingy-does this make them professional? To me, yep, cause that's their job, their "profession".
Dude, I wanted to be a cowgirl when I was a kid. Professional attire--ok then it was a ruffled skirt that blew in the breeze and looked pretty on horseback--but now it's jeans, boots, leather work gloves and whatever long sleeved shirt doesn't kill me or choke me. Most other people would wear a t-shirt, I am sure. That is professional. Do they have to be in a rodeo to be "professional"? Nope. Not at all.
I plan on owning and running my own Rescue Ranch here in a few years. Guess what I plant to wear? Jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Boots, only if I have to, because unless there is a big reason for it, Tabitha goes barefoot. Period.

I am a Gardener. Dirty jeans and gloves again. And bare feet. I am planning to grow herbs and vegetables and flowers and whatever else for sale. Does that mean I am 'professional' if I am selling things?

I am a Healer too. That is what I do. I counsel and I heal people. That is actually why most of my clients call me, because of all the energetic work that I do unsaid upon them when they call.
Do you know what I typically wear every day? Jeans and a shirt. In warm weather that shirt shifts to a tank top, unless I go outside, where it becomes a long sleeved shirt. I burn in the sun, like a crispy little critter. Hence, the long sleeves. :-) I prefer long sleeves to sun screen usually
I am definitely a professional Psychic (that's what I do for the network)--there is no doubt about that at all.
Does that mean I have to pull out my very boho skirts and flounce around with a ton of jewelry and bracelets and scarf wrapped round my head all the time? :-)
Hey, I am not making fun of people--I am pointing out what I see on a daily basis from all too many Pagans, not even psychics.
Although I will admit to a predilection for rings myself. But it really is not an every day thing. I have one ring I wear every day--but it is my soul mate ring--and my soul mate has one and wears one just like it.....that's different. :-)

Do I do anything differently when I have clients come to my house? Well, I try to not wear anything too offensive (I do have a t-shirt that says 'cross my heart hope you die' -- it was a birthday gift from my former bil :-) ). I try not to wear too much jewelry. I try to make sure my nail polish isn't chipped, if I am wearing any. I actually do try to minimize the number of visible tattoos-so I don't wear shirts where my tats are very visible. There is no hiding the tattoos on my wrist--not that I would want to. But I don't want to freak people out the first time they meet me. I already have the nose ring going on.
I don't always wear make-up--because I don't always wear make-up anyway. I get urges here and there. My significant other can melt the strongest most waterproof mascara money can buy. I do not know how. So I kinda gave up with my urges there. :-)

What I do try to do is make sure the house is clean. It may not look pristine or anything, but at least clean enough that it doesn't scare people. (My living room rug currently scares me, with who knows-as no one will admit-what has been spilled over the dirt and dog fur currently growing legs on top of it....)

The only time I really ponder my clothing is when I am doing healing work that requires touch of any kind. I do make sure I wear something I can move in, that doesn't make a great deal of noise when I move. The noise distracts me, because I worry it distracts the client.

The only other issue I have is my hair. It's kinky curly, has a mind of its own, and we live near the River so there is always some humidity that makes my hair want to pouf and frizz. I try to keep it under control, but I also try to wear part of it down so the Grandmother Spider tattoo on the nape of my neck is not visible too.

This is just for me, for my profession.

Every profession has its thing, its ideal.

Different people attach different meanings to different things.

I decided a long long time ago that if I couldn't do a job I enjoy and be comfortable doing it I wouldn't do it.

But that is me. :-)

Then again, if 'someone' instilled a dress code for anything I did and told me I 'had' to dress like this to be a writer or artist or sculptor or gardener or farmer or rancher or whatever--I would be so ticked off. There's no way I would follow it. Dress codes for school would bug me too. Says the girl who would wear an ankle-length skirt to school, with the ultra low butt-cheek-skimming mini skirt underneath so no one would know as I left the house.....not that I do that anymore..... :-) Now I don't have to bother with the ankle-length skirt if I should dare go with the ultra mini. :-)

I am an artist, a writer, a mother, a Yogini, a psychic, an Intuitive Healer--uhm--what do you think I should wear?
Will my leotard go with my beret and scarf head-wrap? And the baby sling? lol

I am just happy being me. Some days more than others.

I try very hard not to judge people for anything. Clothes are usually the least of the things I worry about on other should watch the way my dd dresses--she's an artist too--some colours really should not be worn in combination--except by very young girls who thinks it's truly beautiful. :-)

Did I answer everything that Jamie posed? I hope so. :-)

Until next time.....