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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Live An Extraordinary Life

It's an incredible Wishcasting Wednesday.

Our wonderful Wishmaster Jamie has another beautiful question for us today:

What is your highest self wishing for?
What's rumbling in your soul?

My first thought, the monkey mind and its attitude, snorted, said, oh what fun, where can we go with this? In a good way.

The rest of me already knows.

It is so funny, the way the Universe works.
Here I am working through 'Soul Mapping', and 'the 12 Steps of Highly Creative Women', and 'Make Change With Your Muse' online class. All of which are trying to pry out of me--what do I really want to do and to be doing and to have .....

I wish...I wish...I wish....

I wish I knew what to say here. Everything seems to be in place for attaining what I want out of my life.
I don't even want things to move faster at the moment.
Well, wait, there's the work front...but that's different.... isn't it?

I have found my true love...and everything is going well on that front.
We already know and seem to agree on the whole one day we'll move in together, one day there will be more kids, one day there will be a farm--with goats. :-)

My daughter does seem to be trying.
My son is darling and always good.
Even the ex can be touched with the 'not being a total jerk this week' brush.

Work is work is work.
I am working. So that is a good thing.

I am working on my art. I am drawing more. I played with clay the other day and the forms seem to be dry enough to take the next step into my doll making foray. I don't know why the Muses decided a clay figure base was better than a cloth or a twig one, although I have the twigs here too. It's interesting.

I know there is a wet wheel and kiln in my future. I also know there is a blow torch and rusting metal in my future.
I know there is a great big set of prismacolour coloured pencils in my very near future.

I know where I am right now is the River I am traveling upon. Here it is smooth and gentle, but I do know there are rapids on up aways. We are building the foundation at this point to be able to ride the rapids and enjoy what the journey brings us.

I also know the fence will be up and the backyard completely enclosed this week-end.
I know I will finish mowing the yard--it's a big yard--tomorrow since i only did half yesterday and have no further intention of going out in the heat and the sun to do anything today.
I even know the dishes will be done by nightfall. The laundry washed--even if I don't fold it all and put it away today.

What else could I ask for?

But there is more, isn't there?

What is rumbling in my soul?

My soul is crying out: take me out of this city--take me away from these people--get me out into the woods, into the forest--put me on the water for real--let me enjoy it--soak it in.
I want to go hiking and camping and canoeing and biking. :-)
My job as it stands does not really allow that, since I have a shift on Saturdays that I cannot miss, or I am docked a whole week's pay for missing it. I cannot afford that right now. Guess when everyone else goes camping? The week-end. Leaving me at home behind.

So, in order to make one wish I must make two. Sort of.

I wish that my own personal business begins to grow and blossom and bloom enough for me to stop working for the network, no later than the end of this year. The sooner, the better.

Not only will I make more money, and see/speak to less people on a daily basis, but the stress in my life will be so greatly reduced. The panic that is my work day surrounding my phone--is it ringing, did I miss a call, do I have enough hours logged in for the week to make the money worth my while for being here?
Not to mention, the hours, and how it interferes with just everything.
I don't like not being able to pick my clients. Some of them do require alot more help than I can give them. Some of them need intensive therapy. One I have suggested go to a medical doctor to have tests run for all sorts of things, just so she'd get there so someone would talk to her about her complete mental instability. It worked, although she still calls me before she calls her therapist. But at least she is alot better to deal with these days.

I have learned so much from this job, and I am grateful to it. It keeps us afloat and it does pay the bills. But it is time I moved on and opened my own practise. I want to move away from the psychic stuff and move more into the Healing Work.

Not to mention, my art will be showcased more in my own business than it ever could be with the network.

I wish my own personal business were blooming so that I can stop working for the network, so I have time to take my kids to the outdoor concerts, so we have time to go hiking and camping and everything else, so we have time to sit and relax through a meal and/or a movie at I can go out for the evening with the love of my life and not have to panic about how am I going to log in for enough hours to make my paycheck cover everything .......

I wish to be financially independent in my work, without the need for the network, and I wish to make good money doing it.

If I have that, I will have everything else my heart desires, and then some. :-)