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Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Is Definitely A Prompt

Creative Therapy Catalyst 60

New Orleans.

The City of the Dead.

I am sure my pictures sucks - since I could not find a picture of what I wanted - and my memories of things are more visceral and scent-oriented.

But it makes me happy.

I stepped off the plane and knew instantly--I was Home. Capital H. There is just no other city I have been to yet that evokes that sort of feeling in me. I haven't been there since Katrina.
I will be going again soon. Soon.

I would like to forget why I was there in the first place. Maybe this time I can do more of the things I wanted to do rather than follow some lush around. There were so many spectacular things to see that I did get to see.

I had fun. I found hope. The air there makes me happy. And I love walking in the rain. What could be better?