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Monday, May 4, 2009

What Did I Do With My Week-end?

First, the announcements:

E's two top front teeth are coming in.
I feel really bad--she has actually been worried we'd have to take her to the dentist to get fake teeth if her real teeth never came in.
BUT--she has brushed those 2 teeth about 20 times per day since the first one came through a couple days ago--and the 2nd one is probably showing through today because of all the gum she's eroded with her brushing.
I refuse to say one word about how often she brushes her teeth when she does this-the more she brushes, the better for her. :-) It is a blessing.

Next, N can pee standing up-and is very proud of himself for doing so. Oh, let's not get into why the ex would not teach him to pee standing up (the ex doesn't) --let us just rejoice that the boy stands to pee. Now, if we can get him to just use more soap when he washes his hands afterwards! :-)

Ok. Enough of that.

I love Jamie and her Wishcasting Wednesdays.
If you ever doubt that wishing has power--then take up this challenge and see for yourself. Participate a week or two and see what changes come to you.

After last Wednesday's wish, I finished reading 'The Watchmen' (and had some very pleasant conversations w the ex in relation to that, as well as other things). I finished reading the 'Octopus and the Orangutan' as well, that day.
I completely read 'Your Eight Year Old: Lively and Outgoing' by Louise Bates Ames from start to finish yesterday. I am halfway through 'The Incarnating Child' by Joan Salter. I started reading 'The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women', 'Awakening The Hidden Storyteller', and 'A Year of Creativity'.
These last three books I am going to be working my way through, slowly, with much aforethought and intensity-or whatever hits me at the time at least. :-)

Was talking to the bf yesterday about taking a trip to Australia, some day. Facebook is a wonderful thing. My old pen-pal from high school found me this week-end. How I have no idea, but she did. I am so glad too. And she is currently in New Zealand moving to Australia. I've wanted to go to Australia for a very long time. A visit seems like such a lovely idea. Except that I have a desire for walk-about in the bush--same as I always have. Only now I find I am in the perfect relationship to have someone who not only wants to go as well, but who can keep up with all the things I want to do too. Brilliant!
Australia is just one of many places we are planning to go at some point. The things is, with him, I know we will be going. We're going to be traveling alot.

Funny. I keep getting these flashes of the future--even though for the first time in my life I am trying so hard to stay out of that. But the flashes keep coming. Plus, I have certain friends that know how and when to ask questions about me/my life of me to elicit an answer where I am not thinking and it just comes out. Interesting things are definitely coming.

For the first time in my life, I feel secure in the present. Not as if I am living in wait for the future to arrive. I am just happy where I am. Actually happy in the moment. Even though there are certain things I am waiting for--I am not stressing out about the when anymore. Ok, so there is one event for which I await with bated breath -- and a cudgel if necessary to propel things along--but the cudgel is a threat I won't use and won't show--for lots of reasons. But it makes me feel good to know it's there anyway--how bout that? :-) Although, if pressed, I have a TON of questions ready--but they are mostly about the how and not the if or when. Which for me is a pleasant change.

Also, this week-end, I added a few more coats to the surrender boxes--I have to have something to call them before I finish them, so surrender boxes it is. Each box is for something different and only one will be an actual surrender box. I have some more work to do for them before I can continue my work on them.

I painted roughly eight background pages--and glued one--in my art journals. I am still in the process of gesso-ing the red altered book. SIlly me, should have done this prior to gluing images in the book-but that's ok. Ya live-ya learn. :-) And I don't think it will cause too much havoc in the long run or the grand scheme. We'll have to see.

I also found my stash of tea canisters, little tin things that are much bigger than altoid tins, but not so big that altering them would be a chore for me. :-) Not that I wouldn't alter something larger, but right now the point is to have it be something small. Gracious. Working on things in my mind before I work on them in real life--so the tea tins shall sit and wait a bit for me to decide what and when to do with them.

Here I am, going through my notes on the week-end--what if this is something that inspires me-but doesn't necessarily mean that it was a creative endeavor, like drawing or painting or anything? I gave the bf his ring on Saturday. One of these days, he's going to hurt me for doing stuff like that. IN a good way. But those rings are so perfect for us--how could I resist? And if I can't give gifts to the ones i love--why bother? I like it-it makes me happy. He so has to learn how to deal.

I think that about covers the week-end. Anything else will drive me into today.

I didn't do any writing this week-end, really. Simply because I have this head-cold thing and I wanted to take time to be with the small nearly naked boy-and the growing new teeth girl. :-) I was hoping they'd make me feel better--or maybe I could give them my germs and be rid of them (the germs) myself, which is only fair since they (the kids) do it to me all the time. I do think the rest did me some good, even though it was rough for me to sleep with the weather in flux and everything.

BUT--I did write this morning. I did make my goals. And I have a great deal more to do.

I am still suffering from Poetic Asides withdrawals though. *sigh* :-)
I didn't realize how much having that prompt every day helped me. It's not as if I don't have tons of different groups that provide prompts on a daily basis though. Guess I will have to shift my focus to them now.
It's just not the same though......