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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Full Moon Dreaming Part 1

Part one of our odyssey begins on Friday night.

I had been working on a number of things, including finishing off Tweedledee and Tweedledum. It was more than time to put the small people to bed for the night.

I found myself at the table, with my folders of collage images. Some were still just magazine pages torn out and stuffed away for trimming later.

I had decided earlier this week I would use these images only. IF I needed more or other imagery, I had magazines and other sources on hand.

Let's back up a little more.

Yesterday I asked R to pick up some regular sized poster board for me. I asked for 1 piece-I got 10. The man is way too good to me-I am so glad he's around.

It was the day before or so that I had come to realize I needed a larger platform on which to do my work. Not all the time. But sometimes the pages in my art journal are too cramped and small. Which may be one reason I keep wanting to work on ATCs, but keep shying away from them... :-) I keep thinking bigger--moving bigger--I need to work bigger as well.
I was just lucky he was coming over and taking E out so I could request the poster board.

Then, what, about a week ago, I decided on my 'theme', which is a partial knock-off of my theme for this year: fearless true love. I was going to work on the concept of freedom, freeing myself from myself, since I am the only thing really holding me back.

That isn't quite what I ended up with--but I am very happy with the results.

I pulled all the images and was done about 1a.

I decided then and there I would read Jamie's post before I started any glueing or anything else this morning.

I did have to laugh a little when I read her post though. Full Flower Moon. I had cut out a number of flowers and growing things last night. See, we are on the same wave length, we really are. :-) Even though you can hardly see any of them in the finished product, there are actually quite a few flowers in my dream board this month. But-then-wait til you see it--because I totally channeled darn near everything Jamie had said.

Love. relationships. Growing things. :-) Some days I am so amused by the utter synchronicity.