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Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Name Doodles - To Go

So, I didn't like his name upside down-and this just revisits the whole vining thing again.
Then again, there is something the Guides have been trying to pick on me about since both our names have 7 letters-but wait-the nickname I prefer for myself and what he usually goes by-equals 7 letters. The Guides are having fun here--and I am not joining in to ponder why. I try to leave alot of things alone these days. :-)

And I like my name--even though for years I didn't. It's hard to be compared to the daughter of the Queen of the Witches your entire young life. (For those who don't realise, I am talking about the tv show 'Bewitched'--even though my mother is a queen and a witch :-) and a queen of a witch--and very very proud of it ...)

Playing with my name is different though. Especially since I still have issues with my middle name, even though it was my great-grandmother's.

I am, however, glad, no matter how angry I have been in places throughout my life otherwise, that I was not given the first daughter of the first daughter's name (my mom's name is her mom's name, and so on). I would not have made a very good 'Mary' (you need to have something of a working knowledge of the beginning of 'the Gilmore Girls' to really catch that one, yes).