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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday - Not To Be Forgotten

Genie Sea beat me to it this week--although I had been pondering my own --what could I wish for in the absence of the wonderful wishmaster Jamie, who has taken a week off--and she well deserves it.

So, our second in command--does that make Jamie the wishmaster general? - Genie Sea asks:

What do you wish to find on your doorstep?


Being me, I am just going to tell you the very first thing that comes to my mind--and I am going to make it good.
As in -- if this were a perfect world-- and if my significant other reads this he will probably hurt me for it-but oh well--it's worth it. :-)

I wish he-yes, the love of my life-would show up at my door, with all three dogs in tow, telling me his one looming issue has been taken care of, his new job pays over $100,000 a year or more, with news that we're going house-hunting and that he and the dogs will be staying with us a few days until we get things settled on the house.

I will settle for wishing for him and the dogs showing up on my doorstep just to spend the night. :-)