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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Based On A Dream

Now, let me preface this with the fact that I will draw and doodle and scribble and do all sorts of things to keep myself off the computer (ie away from etsy and ebay) -- and I have always drawn people's names and decorated them (in school teacher's preferred to see my drawing to writing-explain THAT one to me-they were being ignored either way and they knew it-what did it matter?) -- only lately I am drawn to certain names for obvious reasons.

BTW-just so we have it in here-I have started working the kids' names-I am just not done with them. Mostly cause E is trying to do her own thing with her name, ever since she saw the McNaughton doodle I did weeks ago. So, among the other varied and non-artistic the bratling princess should be doing, her name drawing is also on the list.

Remember the McNaughton doodle though? It was around the time I got my 19th tattoo--and I had the dream of all the vining taking over and growing over my and through my body (and btw again-I did get the thistle colour right there-those flowers are supposed to be thistle-like-and they are supposed to be blue-that's been bugging me awhile too)....

This one is something a little different. I have a thing for numerology and I have a thing for names and their meanings.
I haven't done much research into the beloved's name yet (as long as we are talking his first name and not his middle name) -- BUT I know things like Nikolas and Richard are the names of warrior kings and those who bear them have certain traits and characteristics with which to deal.

I do not always dream in pictures--or in emotions (mostly it's emotional dreaming, not pictures) -- I had a dream with words--and emotions.

It's strange and I am not all together certain I captured the mood exactly, since I wasn't very aware of what I was doing til after I was done.

The imagery I get is of his name and my name on either sides of a reflecting (refracting?) pool. Opposite sides of the same veil of water. Just enough space between us to be who we are, while still having the connections we have.

Hopefully that says what I am trying to say because that is pretty much as specific as I can get as to what I am trying to say.

The emotional content is interesting--there is always that free-flow--without the control--without the need for every little space to be filled--with enough room for him to be him and for me to be me--it's the interplay between our worlds that makes things so - interesting-staggering-however you want to say it.

Looking into his eyes and seeing my reflection there is the best way I know to look into my own soul and dig out all the things I have hidden there. I cannot hide from him the things I hide from me.